Best Ever Pumpkin Pie with Vodka Pie Crust

25 Nov

When I asked my grandma what I could bring for Thanksgiving dinner, she told me to bring the pumpkin pie. AHH! Ok, first of all, my mom has made the pumpkin pies for years. Also, I’ve never made one in my life. Plus, even though pumpkin pie might not be the favorite, it’s basically the dessert symbol of the day. Which means I better not screw it up!

I knew I could only do one thing: Go on Recipezaar and find the best recipe ever. I mean how can a pie be bad when its got hundreds of rave reviews? It can’t be! So that’s why I chose this recipe. And oh man, it did not disappoint! Also, I could not believe how easy it was to make! Throw everything in a mixer for 2 minutes and you’re pretty much done! (Well, besides the actual baking part…) One thing I liked about this pie is the mixture of spices and such was just perfect. Definitely not bland and not overpowering either. You cannot go wrong with this pie. Oh and before I forget, if you make 1 1/2 times this recipe, it’ll give you enough for two pies!

For me the hardest part of making a pie is the crust. It’s hard to get it to roll out right, and the texture has to be just so, and there’s a ton of variables involved. Because of this, I used a pie crust recipe from America’s Test Kitchen called “Foolproof Pie Dough.” The secret ingredient in this crust is vodka. Basically it makes the crust more moist and easier to roll out, but the vodka evaporates during cooking so the texture of the crust isn’t compromised. Definitely a great recipe. Bonus is, this recipe makes enough for a double crust! (You can wrap and freeze the extra crust if you don’t need it right away.)

Go to Pumpkin Pie Recipe

Go to Vodka Pie Crust Recipe

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