Fresh Berry Gratin

29 Nov

I originally got this recipe from America’s Test Kitchen. I was very skeptical as to how it would turn out, especially since it uses bread crumbs as the topping. However, this has become one of my favorite desserts. It’s so simple to make and isn’t quite so heavy as traditional desserts. The beauty of this is that you can use frozen berries! I keep some on hand for those times when I get an uncontrollable need for something sweet. I’ve found that frozen berries work best if you defrost them a bit, although completely frozen berries work too, so long as you don’t use large berries (such as whole strawberries). 

The original recipe says to bake this in a pie dish, but I’ve found ramekins work really well and it keeps the gratin in nice individually sized portions. Also, I have tried making this with wheat bread and it tastes great too! Don’t skip the Kirsch if you can help it. It gives it a really nice flavor and you don’t use much so it’ll last forever. Eat this on its own or take it over the top with some vanilla ice cream.

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