Magical Butter Sauce

29 Nov

I found this recipe on the Pioneer Woman’s Tasty Kitchen blog. How could I resist it with a name like that? This is an incredibly easy sauce to make with just 3 main ingredients: butter, jam, and balsamic vinegar.

The thing I really like about this recipe is how much fun it is to try different flavors. I’ve made this using apricot, mango, cherry, & blackberry jam and all of them were delicious. And it wasn’t near as sweet as I thought it would be. My favorites have been the jams with the stronger flavors such as blackberry & cherry. The apricot and mango were a bit more subtle. It was suggested to use this on everything from meat & vegetables to fish but I have to say my favorite so far has been salmon. I like to pour the sauce into little bowls for dipping… Mmm… Magical Butter Sauce…

 Magical Butter Sauce Recipe

In a microwave safe bowl, melt 1/3 cup butter. Add 2 tablespoons fruit preserves (apricot, mango-jalapeno, blackberry, etc.), 1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar, a good turn of the pepper mill and a generous pinch of salt.


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