Gift Ideas for the Cook in Your Life: $100 or less

8 Dec

Stainless Steel Measuring Cups (Set of 8 ) 

Price: $55

I know. $55 for a set of measuring cups sounds crazy, but hear me out. This set of measuring cups is the only one I could find with all of the criteria I would like in a set of measuring cups. First, it has to be stainless steel with the measurements stamped into the metal. I have a plastic set of measuring cups with the measurements printed on them and they are almost unreadable now.  Also, I’m not sure why this is, but 90% of the measuring cup sets out there are only 4 pieces: 1 cup, 1/2 cup, 1/3 cup, & 1/4 cup. HELLO? What about the 2/3 cup and 3/4 cup sizes?! Why is it so hard to find a set with these measurements included? I use mine all the time! And if your cook is anything like me, they only have one of each of these measurement sizes and  they’re always dirty! Ok so last criteria is, there has to be a smooth transition from the cup to the handle… no little notches where extra flour and such can gather. Believe me, I looked high and low and this is the only set I found that had everything I wanted. If you can find another cheaper one, be my guest.


Julia Child’s “Mastering the Art of French Cooking” 2-Volume Boxed Set: Deluxe Edition

Price: $65

I saw this set at Barnes and Noble the other day and immediately began to covet. The Mastering the Art of French Cooking books are a staple in any cook’s  collection and this particular set is definitely a beautiful option. If your chef doesn’t have these books and you’re a little short on funds, there are less fancy versions available including this hardcover set for $56 and these paperback versions (Volume 1 $20 and Volume 2 $20) for a total of $40.


Oxo Good Grips Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls

Price: $58

These Oxo bowls are not only beautiful, but also very functional. They have a rubber coating on the outside that keeps the bowls from sliding around, a common problem with regular stainless bowls. These clean up easily and are extremely durable, plus the 3 different sizes allow them to be used for every kitchen need. Don’t have the cash for these bowls? Don’t worry! Oxo also makes a very nice 3 piece set of plastic bowls for just $25.


Personalized Cake Pan Set from ‘The Cake Pan Lady’

Price: $64


I originally saw these pans on The Pioneer Woman’s website. I immediately loved them. The great thing about these pans is how high quality they are. It’s very rare to find a cake pan with a matching metal lid these days. Plus, there are so many cute designs to choose from and they’re personalized! You can choose the color you want (black, blue, green, red, and natural aluminum), how you want the name printed, and what picture you would like. And it’s easily identifiable at a potluck! You can get both a 9×13″ cake pan and 9×9″ brownie pan for a total of $64, or get them separately for $33 (cake pan) and $31 (brownie pan). So cute! 


Magnetic Spice Tins

Price: $75 for 25 tins

Ok so you can buy these tins individually for $3. However, if your cook is anything like me, they have about a billion spice jars. I have 28 at the moment and I could buy 15 more without batting an eyelash. I keep my spice jars on the side of the fridge next to the stove, but you could also mount them to a sheet of metal on the wall. They look so beautiful and make spices much more organized and easy to find. Plus, they make some cute spice jar labels to go with them!

Still have a bunch of cash burning a hole in your pocket? Don’t worry, we’ve got a motherload of fabulous gifts over $100 coming up next!


One Response to “Gift Ideas for the Cook in Your Life: $100 or less”

  1. junie December 19, 2010 at 3:51 pm #

    I’m so coveting those spice tins/spice rack! And have since you first recommended them. I adore organized things. Our spices are crying to be re-organized.

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