Gift Ideas for the Cook in Your Life: $50 or less

8 Dec

Got a few extra bucks to spend on your foodie? Any of these things are sure to be a winner!


America’s Test Kitchen Cookbook

Price: $30


10 years of America’s Test Kitchen’s recipes and product ratings at my fingertips? Yes please! There aren’t too many physical cookbooks I’d buy these days, but this one is definitely worth the purchase. Step-by-step illustrations and detailed instructions are definitely worth having in the kitchen whether you’re making one of these recipes, or just need the information as a reference for some other culinary endeavor. A great staple for any cook.


Cook’s Illustrated Magazine Subscription or Online Membership

Price: $25 and $35, respectively

Ok, I know I’m obsessed with America’s Test Kitchen/Cook’s Illustrated. I can’t help it! They’re awesome! Their recipes always turn out great and it’s nice to be able to buy kitchen equipment that has been tested and approved of by professionals. Either one of these options will give your cook access to all these wonderful recipes and information.


Unicorn 6″ Keytop Peppermill

Price: $36

Every cook needs a good peppermill.  However, a good peppermill is actually really hard to find. This little guy has become one of my favorite things. It grinds pepper quickly, uniformly, and is adjustable. And with the keytop it’s easy to turn. Unicorn does make other models that are bigger if you think your cook needs more pepper, but this one works great for me and isn’t so big that it gets in the way when I’m cooking. Plus it’s got the stamp of approval from America’s Test Kitchen!


Cuisinart Immersion Hand Blender

Price: $30


A hand blender is something I always saw as a gimmicky kitchen tool until I received one as a gift. I didn’t take mine out of the box for a long time and when I finally did, I wondered why I hadn’t used it before. These things are awesome for so many things. I use mine to whip up small batches of whipped cream or to puree hot soup (so much nicer than blending batches separately and less dangerous). A hand blender also works well for making smoothies, salsa, and dips. Plus the blade end easily detaches and is dishwasher safe! 


 Victorinox Fibrox 12-Inch Granton Edge Slicing Knife

Price: $35

This is another equipment recommendation from America’s Test Kitchen. They deemed this the best slicing knife. Typically used to slice roasts, turkey, ham, and other pieces of meat, this knife is long enough to cut through large pieces in one stroke. It is also flexible enough to easily produce thin slices. A slicing knife is definitely a must-have for any chef and I’m sure this one won’t disappoint.


Oxo Good Grips Digital Kitchen Scale

Price: $35

No, this isn’t used for dietary purposes (although it could be). This is for measuring ingredients, such as flour, for baking. Why painstakingly measure out 6 cups of flour for that loaf of bread when you can just weigh it? How many ounces of pasta are left in that box? How much cheese is in that block? There are so many ways this little scale can help eliminate mistakes and speed up the cooking process. And once again, it’s recommended by America’s Test Kitchen! (pretend to be shocked)


Are you a little short on cash? How about some of these ideas for $25 or less? Even shorter on cash? Take a look at these items for $10 or less! Have more money than you know what to do with? Stay tuned for more ideas under $100!


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