Vanilla Bean Caramels

18 Dec

There is nothing better than homemade caramels. Nothing. I would take homemade caramels over chocolate truffles any day. The thing that drew me into this recipe was the addition of salt on top. Salty sweet goodness. Now, I’ve never made caramels before so I wasn’t sure if these things would turn out. But, lo and behold I managed to produce caramel-like squares that actually taste pretty good!

I’m not sure how these were supposed to turn out, but mine are more of a chewier, dense caramel, not the super-soft kind. I generally like the softer caramels, but these were by no means bad. Maybe next time I will cook them to the “soft-ball” stage instead of “firm-ball.” Oh also, I used regular sea salt instead of the fleur de sel because I was too lazy to venture to the other side of town to try and find it. I thought the sea salt was delicious and wouldn’t hesitate to use it again. Anyway, definitely not bad for my first real candy making experience!

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One Response to “Vanilla Bean Caramels”

  1. Babygirl December 19, 2010 at 1:23 am #

    Delicious.. Nice post

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