Chicken Cutlets with Creamy Parmesan Dressing

30 Dec

I was not prepared for the deliciousness of this one. Super juicy chicken with an incredibly crunchy crust? Woah. And that dressing was fabulous. Ok, let me break this one down…

I used 3 small chicken breasts (I could have done 4) of which I smashed inside a gallon size zip-lock bag with the side of a can of beans to get an even thickness. See? You don’t have to buy every specialized kitchen gadget out there! For the chicken you will need Panko bread crumbs. Do not substitute regular ones… there is a huge difference! Oh, also, the recipe says to mix salt and pepper in with the flour coating. I’d suggest just salt and peppering each breast first before dredging in the flour. It’ll give you better control over how much seasoning there is. I don’t know how much salt and pepper to put in a plate of flour, but I know what a perfectly seasoned chicken breast looks like.

Do not be scared when you look at the dressing ingredients. Yes, there are anchovies in this. No, it does not make the dressing taste fishy at all. Did you know Caesar dressing has anchovies in it? Is it fishy? NO. This recipe tells you to either use a blender or a food processor to make the dressing. My blender was dirty so I went for the food processor. Bad idea. It’s just not suited for liquids and I ended up with a mess and a semi-blended dressing.  Then I had a great idea… the hand blender! If you have a hand blender, it would work perfectly here. It emulsified the dressing wonderfully and obliterated the anchovy fillets. The great thing about this dressing recipe is that it makes enough to perfectly coat salad greens and leaves extra for dipping the chicken. This was a fantastic recipe that had a ton of flavor and was also super easy and fast to make! My favorite kind!

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