Seviche-Style Shrimp and Avocado Tacos

7 Jan

I know you’re not going to believe this, but I didn’t have anything to make for dinner tonight and I made this from stuff I had on hand. I don’t know how that was possible. Who has limes, avocado, corn tortillas, cilantro, AND shrimp on hand? Me apparently. I have no idea what “seviche-style” means though, so does that take away some of my dork points? I hope so. I’ve earned buckets full of dork points lately.

So the question is, what this good? Hells yes! It was very fresh tasting, mainly because of the lime and cilantro. And I didn’t even use fresh tomato! I used a 15 oz. can of diced tomatoes (drained). I was able to put this together really fast especially because the shrimp I had was pre-cooked. All I had to do was thaw it out!

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