Beef Kebabs

28 Jan

Kebabs are one of those things that always look delicious. I mean of all the grilled foods out there, how could you not say kebabs are the prettiest? I originally had a recipe for beef kebabs that involved coating the meat in some sort of almond mixture, alternating the meat on the skewers with green onions, and then throwing them in the oven to cook. After I got Leonardo DiCaprio to wake me up from my third level la-la land, I was like “WTF am I doing?! You don’t bake kebabs, you don’t coat a good piece of meat with breading, and you can’t have kebabs without vegetables!” So I kept the beef kebabs idea and that’s about it.

I’m all for putting on what you like and skipping what you don’t. I used about a pound and a half of sirloin steak, 8 oz.  button mushrooms, a poblano pepper (way better than green peppers), and grape tomatoes. I’ve found that metal skewers coated with non-stick spray are much easier to build and the food comes off much easier after it’s been cooked. Only thing is, it’s best to use a hot pad and push the food off onto the plates, otherwise the skewers will burn your fingers. I can’t really say how long I cooked these babies, maybe 8-10 minutes tops. Depends on how well done you like your meat I guess. Anyway, I figured I’d post this because kebabs are one of those things you tend to forget about in the winter time, but they are a quick and easy meal all year round!


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