Mom’s Scones with Essential Buttermilk Syrup

24 Jul

First things first. I suck at making bread. Ok maybe I don’t “suck” exactly, but I’m not good at it. And I don’t feel comfortable at all with the process. Which is why I was completely blown away by this recipe. The dough came together just as the recipe described and tasted amazing.

My scones cooked up beautifully (thanks to my new fancy Le Creuset pot! Happy Birthday to me!) and Seth said they were the best scones he’s ever had. Now that’s saying something. And that buttermilk syrup was amazing. Like a honey butter syrup, really. Geez. What a way to start the day! I was actually lamenting to myself that there weren’t more people around to share the deliciousness with as only Seth and I got to partake of the heavenly bliss. Which is why you must promise me you will try making these. Please. Oh and for those of you who aren’t from the American West (namely Utah), these aren’t traditional English scones. Those things are like dry rocks compared to these.  These are Utah-style scones, and they’ll knock your socks off.


Mom’s Scones Recipe

Essential Buttermilk Syrup


One Response to “Mom’s Scones with Essential Buttermilk Syrup”

  1. Rufus' Food and Spirits Guide July 24, 2011 at 11:59 am #

    Buttermilk syrup. Yes! Awesome post.

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