How to Order a Steak

15 Sep

When I was a kid, there were two restaurants my family went to pretty regularly: Pizza Hut & Sizzler.  Once I graduated from the kid menu at Sizzler, I was allowed to order a steak if I so desired. Not knowing the choices (and what the differences were) when asked “How would you like your steak cooked?” I just played it cool and ordered whatever my parents did. Which happened to be medium-well. This seemed to work pretty well for me throughout my adolescent life so I just stuck to it.

Then one day when I was in my late teens, my family headed over to ol’ Tony Roma’s for some steaks. Once again I ordered my typical filet mignon, medium-well. However, when it came out, the middle was pretty pink. More so than I was used to, that’s for sure. But, not liking to cause a fuss, I ate it anyway. And it was the best steak I’d ever had. After that day I always ordered my steak “medium.” Well, until I realized most restaurants overcook their meat and I switched to medium-rare. Pure pink deliciousness.

I also used to be a big fan of the filet mignon… and it’s still good. I love the fact that it’s pretty much all meat and no gristle. Oh how I hate gristle. But, it’s also got less flavor than some of your other cuts. Seth has turned me into a big ribeye fan. Nice tender meat with a lot of beefy flavor. New York ain’t bad either in a pinch. Serve up those bad boys  grilled medium-rare with salt and pepper and that’ll be the end of it.

Now I know I already made my point about the amount of cooking your steak needs, but let me throw in one more tidbit of information, just to drive the point home. Maybe the guys working the grill at Sizzler aren’t like this, but you go to any nicer steak joint and I can guarantee you this is true. If you order your steak medium-well or well done, you are going to get a piece of meat that is of lesser quality. They figure “Hey this guy likes all the moisture cooked out of his steak, might at well give him the crappier cut and save this nicely marbled awesome cut for his medium-rare buddy who obviously appreciates it.” Or even look at who’s working your home grill. Seth has told me when people ask for their steaks well-done, to him that means he needs to “cook the hell out of it.” Mmm… sounds delicious eh? Maybe you’re one of those that says “I don’t like to hear my steak ‘moo’ ” Oh yeah? Well I’d rather have it moo than disintegrate into a pile of dust and blow away! But seriously… just give it a chance. Start slowly. Order one level down from what you’ve always done. You’re a well-done person? Go crazy and order medium-well. Compare the difference. I can guarantee you’ll like it better. And if you don’t, you can always send it back and have it cooked more. No harm done. My point is, you never know what you’re going to like until you try it. Everybody has different tastes. Don’t do something just because that’s the way you’ve always done it and for sure don’t do something just because you’re following someone else. Live a little!

Dang… now I need a steak…



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