My Guilty Pleasure

15 Mar

There are always going to be foods out there that you know you shouldn’t eat. Things that are incredibly bad for you, things that others see as disgusting, things that contain too many chemicals or dyes. But somehow you just can’t give them up. And secretly you love them. You’d eat them everyday if you could get away with it. For me, this forbidden treasure food is…. hot dogs.

Yep. I love me some hot dogs. I love the salty flavor and the slight ‘pop’ with each bite. The convenience and simplicity. The nostalgia of childhood and camping. I can’t seem to bring myself to care that they’re made of the ‘leftovers’. Every time I see my favorite show ’30 Rock’ I wish there were hot dog carts on the streets of Salt Lake that mimicked those of New York. When I go to barbeques I know I should choose the more respectable hamburger option, but I can’t help but choose the cheap, plain hot dogs. I like to stop off at the Maverick and pick me up a big, juicy Bahama Mama hot dog right off the rollers. Mmm…

Now I know that grilling hot dogs should be my favorite way to cook them, but it’s not. I like mine boiled. Don’t hit me! It’s not that I don’t like grilled hot dogs, it’s just that the boiled ones are so delicious. Boil me up a couple of hot dogs and I’m perfectly content.

I have to admit, given the chance to decide on the hot dog brand, I am a bit of a snob. My current favorite is Nathans. Though Ball Park Grillers & Hebrew National are also delicious. I go for the bun-length,  all-beef dogs if I can. And they can’t have anything inside them… no cheese, no nothing. Just regular hot dog flavor. As far as toppings go, I’m normally a straight-up mustard only girl. No ketchup EVER. If I’m feeling more adventurous I’ll throw some mayo, relish, and/or sauerkraut on there too. And you know, shredded lettuce isn’t half bad either.

So there you have it. My food confession. If you now think less of me, I understand.


2 Responses to “My Guilty Pleasure”

  1. Rufus' Food and Spirits Guide March 15, 2012 at 10:13 am #

    We all have guilty pleasures. Can’t be gourmet all the time.

  2. vanessa March 15, 2012 at 10:51 am #

    omg, i put hotdogs on my grocery list like an hour ago! random craving!

    (if you can find organic chicken or turkey hot dogs that are nitrate-free (I have seen them at Costco and Trader Joe’s), you can be totally guilt-free and they taste the exact same as the mystery meat kind).

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