Dill Veggie Dip & Creamy Fruit Dip

22 May

Dips are one of those things that kind of get thrown together at the last minute without much thought. Which is nice really, because it’s an easy way to add a little extra oomph to your fruits and veggies. Trouble is, there are a lot of bland, boring dips out there that don’t produce any sort of excitement for the nibbler. There’s nothing worse than going to a party, dipping your carrot stick into what looks like a bowl of awesomeness, only to come away with a bad taste in your mouth. This is why I’ve found the perfect veggie and fruit dip for you!

Dill Veggie Dip


I have to say, this dill dip is especially good. After finding this recipe, I knew I would never need another one as long as I lived. Now can I just give you a couple pointers for making dips? These are very important. The first tip is to choose your calorie-saving components wisely. Some low-fat substitutes can be used without anybody being the wiser. Some will make your dip taste like cardboard. In my experience, not only is low-fat cream cheese just as delicious as the regular stuff, it also doesn’t need to be softened before using so it saves on time! (This just applies to dips… using reduced fat cream cheese for other items such as baked goods can really screw them up… I know from experience). I used low-fat cream cheese for both of these recipes with great results. The one low-fat item I never ever buy is sour cream. It tastes HORRIBLE. It will make your dip taste horrible. And then you will be left with a giant bowl of dip that nobody wants to eat. Now, I guess if you’re on a really strict diet and want to make some crappy dip for yourself, go right ahead. Just don’t punish everyone else with it. One other option that is often used in place of sour cream is Greek yogurt. I cannot vouch for this. I’ve never really tried it in dips. However, from my experience using it elsewhere, it doesn’t have the same creamy, thick texture that sour cream does (even though everyone claims it does…). Plus it’s way more expensive. I guess my point is, if you’re really watching your waistline, eat less of the delicious dip instead of buckets of the crappy tasting stuff.

The second important rule when making great dip is to make it ahead of time! If you taste the dip right after you make it, then taste it again after several hours (or even better, overnight), you will be amazed at how much different the flavor is. All those herbs and seasonings really do need time to mingle in order to taste right. So plan ahead!

Creamy Fruit Dip

Now, fruit doesn’t necessarily need dip to accompany its already sweet, delicious taste, but if you want to add another fun element to your fruit platter, this dip is an easy way to do it. I liked this recipe because there were only two ingredients and it wasn’t sickeningly sweet. I mixed mine by hand, but if I were to do it again, I’d use an electic mixer. That marshmallow fluff is pretty slippery and a little resistant to mixing. I thought this dip paired especially well with strawberries!


One Response to “Dill Veggie Dip & Creamy Fruit Dip”

  1. Shawna (bluestmuse) May 22, 2012 at 9:29 am #

    Oh, I am with you on low fat sour cream. ICK! The only creamy and wonderful Greek yogurt I’ve ever tasted was not fat-free. The super healthy version tastes chalky to me. (Unless slathered with lots and lots of honey, of course). Thanks for the recipes!

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