Zucchini Pancakes

30 Sep

We forgot to check on our zucchini plant for a few days and ended up with 3 giant zucchini the size of a body builder’s forearm. While these large zucchini aren’t the best for slicing and cooking, they work great for grating and using in zucchini bread or… zucchini pancakes!

I’d never made zucchini pancakes before but they looked so darn delicious I had to try them. It was super easy to grate all that zucchini with my food processor so this recipe came together in no time. Now these are actually meant to be more of a savory pancake… probably for a dinner side dish or something, but they sounded so good that I had to have them for breakfast. I definitely didn’t hear any complaints from Seth! In fact I ended up making 2 batches as this recipe doesn’t make very many… I think I got 5 or 6 four inch pancakes from one batch. Plus if you’re trying to use up a giant zucchini like I was, doubling the recipe will get you closer to the 4 cups of grated zucchini that you will surely have.

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One Response to “Zucchini Pancakes”

  1. Rose October 18, 2012 at 6:50 am #

    This is a great recipe. It’s really healthy especially for the kids. Thanks for sharing your recipe!

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