Mexican Corn and Poblano Soup

21 Feb

corn poblano soup 2

As is quite frequently my luck when shopping for required recipe ingredients, my grocery store was fresh out of poblano peppers. Darn it. Having used them before I knew they were quite mild, so I decided to go with Anaheim peppers instead. And since they were smallish, I used 4 instead of 2. Anaheim peppers are actually a little hotter than poblanos, but the resulting soup was pleasantly spicy. So I guess what I’m saying here is, you could use Anaheim peppers if you can’t find poblanos.

I chose to go the broiler route to char all my onions and peppers, and I’d say it took approximately 3-5 minutes per side until they were done. Which was fine because this left my hands free to prep the rest of the ingredients. I thought this soup had a great flavor and Seth and I promptly ate the entire batch in one sitting. So if you’re cooking for your family, might want to double or triple this one.

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