Chicken & Sausage Gumbo

15 Mar


I had never eaten gumbo before I made this. I don’t know why, but the word “gumbo” doesn’t exactly sound appealing. Maybe because it’s along the lines of goulash, which for me brings back memories of my dad’s goulash which consisted of Spaghetti-Os, canned corn, and pork & beans all mixed together. Yum. And let’s be honest here. It’s not like gumbo is known for being visually stunning. All I knew about it was it’s a bunch of stuff thrown together and people down in Louisiana seem to like it.

So why did I even make this you ask? Well, I saw this recipe on a site I trust. A site where I’ve gotten a bunch of delicious recipes and I figured if they thought it was awesome, then I would too. Man I love being right. Seriously though, this stuff was so good. It wasn’t the fastest meal to put together… about an hour of active work time and 2 more hours of simmering time, but the results were well worth it. I made sure to prep all my ingredients and took my time on the roux to make sure I didn’t burn it. No sweat. Definitely not as finicky as I expected. So make this. You won’t regret it!

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