Refrigerator Dill Pickles

11 Aug

refrigerator pickles

So I’m not a food preservation guru. I tried canning peaches last year and let’s just say I sucked at it. But, I had a crap-load of cucumbers from the garden and I had to do something with them before they shriveled up and died. I really don’t like cucumbers all that well, but I do like pickles. In fact we planted pickling cucumbers so it seemed only fitting to turn them into their namesake.

I kept on seeing all these recipes for “easy refrigerator pickles” and I thought, “Hey, maybe even I could make those!” So I did. It took about 15 minutes to make 5 jars of pickles from about as many cucumbers. I cut all of them up into spears except one that I cut into chips. Two days later I had some of the freshest, crunchiest pickles I’ve ever eaten. Now, they aren’t officially “canned” or whatever, but I hear they keep for a couple of months in the fridge. Doubt they’ll last that long though! Delicious!

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