Roasted Buddha Bowl

29 Oct

buddha bowl

I wasn’t expecting a lot from a bowl filled with veggies and beans, but this really hit the spot. Both the cauliflower and broccoli were vastly improved by the roasting process as were the chickpeas. Seriously, if you’ve never had roasted, crunchy chickpeas, you’re missing out. But, my favorite part of the dish was the sauce. Holy moly. That was some good stuff. I think it was the nutritional yeast that gave it the unique flavor I loved so much, which was a relief because I was a bit scared of the stuff. I can’t wait to try using it to make “cheese” sauces and such. Anyway, the sauce was so good I made another double batch later on just to have on hand for other assorted veggie bowls. Oh and don’t be like me and forget about making some sort of grain to go with the Buddha bowls. Sadly I didn’t have time to make brown rice so I went with white. Which was delicious, but the nuttiness of brown rice would be so amazing with this.

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