Chicken Yakisoba

8 Dec

2013-12-07 19.12.52

It was Saturday night and we were hungry.  I didn’t have any meals planned out so I went to my Pinterest board to see if there was anything I could make with stuff I already had. I’d seen an easy looking recipe for some sort of Ramen noodle stir-fry a couple days before and was happy to see that I could scrounge up enough of the ingredients to give it a fair go.

I made a couple minor adjustments, which I didn’t think hurt the final result at all. First, I didn’t have any cabbage so I didn’t use that, but I would definitely add it next time because cabbage in stir-fry rocks. I also decided to use 3 packages of noodles instead of just 2 because darn it I really like noodles and I typically eat 2 packages myself when I eat them as normally prepared. Plus I figured extra noodles were a good substitution for the missing cabbage! Oh and I also used leftover turkey because we still had some left. Nice change from turkey soup and the like. I just threw it in after the veggies were done cooking so it could heat through. I wouldn’t hesitate to omit the meat completely or substitute some tofu instead.

I must say I was incredibly happy with how this turned out. It had a ton of flavor but wasn’t overwhelming. Even Sylvie liked the noodles. This one is going in my keeper file for quick easy pantry meals.

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