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Salmon Panzanella

15 Aug

salmon panzanella

This recipe is actually a repeat from a while back, but I thought it deserved the limelight again, especially for this time of year. I’m not sure why I originally chose to make this recipe as I’m not a huge fan of cucumbers and the potential for soggy bread cubes wasn’t all that appealing. But, despite all my initial reservations, this has become one of my favorite summer recipes.  It’s a great way to use up those fresh cucumbers and tomatoes from the garden and it’s fast! While the original recipe says to use a couple slices of wheat bread, I’ve had the best success with wheat rolls. The crust on the outside prevents the bread from becoming soggy and helps to hold its shape better. If you’re not a salmon fan, the salad alone is worth trying.

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Perfect Italian Pasta Salad

31 Jul

perfect pasta salad

I’m a sucker for pasta salads. Especially pasta salads that contain pepperoni. So it’s no surprise that since finding this recipe I’ve made it several times. It’s very easy to throw together and the homemade dressing adds great flavor. I’ve found that using mini pepperoni works a little better because they don’t stick together as much as the larger ones do. I also like to use quartered or halved grape tomatoes because they hold their shape better and have more flavor than diced ones. This is a perfect dish to bring to a summer potluck so give it a shot!

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Chicken Salad with Grapes

2 Jul

chicken salad

Believe it or not, this was my first time making chicken salad. I know. Weird. But I’d eaten chicken salad similar to this many times so I knew what I was looking for in a recipe. Grapes have always been a favorite so I sought out a recipe that included them. This one is a definite winner. I actually made this to take for lunches on a family trip and it worked out perfectly. I used a rotisserie chicken and ended up with enough chicken for a double recipe. I also used regular mayo in place of the Miracle Whip because that stuff is gross. The result was a flavorful, refreshing, tasty meal that had us coming back for seconds. I served it with iceberg lettuce on whole wheat tortillas and it was perfect. I highly recommend the whole wheat tortillas in this case because they add a nutty flavor that pairs well with the salad. I can’t wait to make this again. Such a lovely summer meal!

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Crispy Goat Cheese Salad with Strawberries and Avocado

13 Jun

goat cheese strawberry salad

I’ve been leaning heavy on the salads lately just because they require less heat. Who wants to turn on the oven when it’s a billion degrees outside? This salad appealed to me because there were so many of the elements I love individually I just had to try them all together. Of course let’s be honest, the crispy goat cheese alone was enough to get me to give it a shot. This was a delicious, flavorful salad that’s going to stay on my summertime list.

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Spinach Salad with Warm Bacon Vinaigrette

11 May

spinach salad with warm bacon viniagrette

I don’t know what it was about the bacon and eggs combination of this salad, but when I saw it my mouth immediately started watering. I love me some eggs on salad and bacon is never a bad thing, right? Contrary to the recipe instructions, I cut my bacon up into small pieces before cooking. It always seems to cook more evenly that way and then you don’t get crispy pieces of bacon flying all over the kitchen by trying to chop it up later. Anyway, I think I had this salad on the table in under a half hour. Not much work at all with delightfully tasty results.

*1/4 of the salad & dressing (or a nice plate-full) is 8 WW points.

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Crispy Avocado BLT Salad

12 Mar

Avocado BLT Salad

When I first saw the fried avocado slices on this salad I kind of thought they’d be weird. I’d never heard of such a thing. But, the salad looked so delicious I knew I had to make it. And I’m glad I did. While the avocados were a bit messy to make, they were well worth it. They were my favorite part of this dish by far. Even leftover and no longer warm or crunchy they tasted great.

I believe the written recipe was just for one serving, so I upped the quantities. I used 3 avocados, a pound of bacon, a pint of cherry tomatoes, and one head each of green leaf and romaine lettuce. Using these quantities was enough for 4 large salads with leftovers of some of the components. And if you’re pressed for time, I think regular ranch dressing would taste great by itself, or my favorite, blue cheese!

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Winter Panzanella

18 Jan

winter panzella

This was one of several vegetarian dishes I chose to make this week. I love traditional summery panzanella with tomatoes so I hoped this would be just as good. I was a bit nervous if Seth would like it because of the brussels sprouts. He is a self-proclaimed hater and I haven’t been successful in changing his opinion in previous attempts. I am happy to report that both he and I loved this. So many beautiful colors and textures and flavors that blended together so well. And it tasted just as fresh and light as the summery version. A definite winner!

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