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Slow Cooker Guinness Corned Beef and Cabbage

14 Mar

corned beef and cabbage

Ok so this picture doesn’t really do this recipe justice. I cooked this overnight in the crock pot and then had to take a rushed picture in the dim kitchen before heading off to work. ANYWAY… I was a bit skeptical that this recipe would have much flavor because it only used a small packet of seasonings that came with the corned beef and a bottle of Guinness. But, I thought the results were fabulous. I’m not sure if the veggies in this recipe were meant to be eaten or not… they’re really mushy after being cooked for 9 hours, but the corned beef and cabbage were great (the cabbage is cooked at the end for 30 ish minutes). Seth ate the veggies and liked them just fine so it’s up to you I guess. I thought this was a great, easy recipe for one of my favorite meals.

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Best Ever Slow-Cooker BBQ Pulled Pork

23 Jan

bbq pulled pork

I’m always a little disappointed by pulled pork because it never quite has as much flavor as I’d like. But, I hadn’t tried a new recipe for a while and was unable to resist this one because it just looked so darn delicious. It was incredibly easy to make… just slice a couple onions (and/or fennel if you’ve got it) and rub a spice mixture on the pork roast. Ten hours later and you’ve got perfection.

I’m so glad I took Vanessa’s advice and made a simple coleslaw to go on the sandwich along with the pork. It really took these over the top. I made mine the lazy way and combined some store-bought bagged cabbage mix (by the other bagged greens and salads) with some store-bough coleslaw dressing. I used Hidden Valley brand and it was great. Oh I also used a spicy bbq sauce (KC Masterpiece Hot & Spicy) on my pulled pork because I like a bit of heat. I even went the extra mile and plopped some canned baked beans on my plate. Side dish! HA! By the way, if you aren’t a follower of Vanessa’s blog, you should be. I swear I end up making and loving just about every recipe she posts. I think our taste buds were separated at birth.

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Crockpot Korean Short Rib Tacos

30 Oct

I was a little nervous using short ribs for this recipe because I’d never used them before. But my concern was all for naught because these tacos turned out freaking awesome. I took a few shortcuts such as using garlic and ginger from a jar and shredded both the carrot and cucumber in my food processor (and squeezed out the excess moisture afterwards). This one is definitely going into my keeper pile. Go make it right now!

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Creamy Slow Cooker Tortellini Soup

24 Aug


I made this soup this week in the midst of canning a whole bunch of peaches with my sister. That shows you there wasn’t much to throwing this meal together. I really liked it a lot and thought the spinach gave it a great fresh flavor. If you’re making this for the family I’d suggest doubling the recipe as this amount fed 3 adults. Also, for some reason my grocery store didn’t have the required packet of white sauce so I subbed a packet of Knorr’s Herb & Garlic Cheese sauce (which was also white) and luckily it turned out just fine!

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