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Glazed Easter Ham

5 Apr

glazed ham 2

This was my first attempt at making a non-spiral sliced ham and I’m happy to report it a success! I swear this was one of the most beautiful meat dishes I’ve ever made. The results were very satisfying to my inner Martha Stewart. Good news is, this was very simple to make which means it’d be perfect to impress dinner party guests! I highly suggest using Pioneer Woman’s cooking time instead of the one on the ham tag. This was perfect at about 2 1/2 hours total. Had I done a full 3 1/2 hours (or 20-25 min. per pound) I think it would have dried out the poor thing. Oh and I finally got to use that electric knife I’ve had hanging around for the last 10 years. Well worth it!

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Malibu Chicken

25 Jun

Malibu Chicken is one of those meals I remember from growing up. Whether it was from “the Sizzler” or Mom, that ham and cheese topped chicken was a winner. Now, I know it’s common practice to use frozen, breaded chicken patties, but do yourself a favor and spend the extra 2 minutes it takes to make your own breaded fresh chicken breasts. The added flavor and loss of preservatives and rubbery texture are well worth it.

p.s. If you don’t have a mallet to pound out your chicken, use a can of soup. It always works great for me!

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White Bean and Ham Bone Soup

16 Feb

This was my first time using dried beans. I hate to say it, but it might have been my last. I soaked the beans all day long and after cooking them for an hour (as stated in the recipe) they were still crunchy. So, I cooked them for 2 hours. And then we ate semi-cooked bean soup. And then I continued to cook the leftovers for another hour after which they still weren’t quite done. How can this be?

Anyway, despite that, this soup was actually still really good. I used a ham bone I’d frozen at Christmas and just bought some diced ham. I would totally make this soup again, but maybe just use canned white beans this time (unless I can find a good way to cook dried beans). I love me some white beans by the way. They kick all the other beans butts. They have a great consistency very creamy and smooth with a nice mild flavor.

Oh I also took the advice from this recipe of making some biscuits to go along with the soup. This was a fabulous idea. And I highly HIGHLY recommend you use the Barefoot Contessa recipe for biscuits that I’m about to give you. I’ve made a lot of mediocre biscuits in my day but these are AWESOME.

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Ham and Cheese Sliders

8 Nov


Ok. These are not your ordinary ham and cheese sandwiches. These are super amazingly ridiculous best ever ham and cheese sandwiches. The recipe looks pretty simple and basic, but the end result is anything but. So, I tweaked this recipe just a little tiny bit. Instead of using a Miracle Whip/Mayo mixture on the buns I used just plain mayo. There was no way I was going to buy a whole jar of Miracle Whip just for this, especially since it’s gross and I’d never use it again. I also didn’t use fancy thick cut ham. Just deli sliced ham. Cheap. But I’m telling you I don’t know how these could have been any better. The sauce that gets poured over the top of these took them to the fancy pants roll sandwich party of the year. Which of course was held in my mouth. Geez. Make these already.

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Killer Club Sandwich

18 Apr

Do not underestimate the power of a sandwich for dinner. Especially this sandwich. Because it’s the most amazing sandwich in the whole world. This is a Pioneer Woman recipe and she did not disappoint this time. Who would have thought of using tomato pesto and basil pesto as a sandwich spread? So so good. I’m still dreaming about this one. Mmm…. killer club sand wedge… aghhh… (that was for you Heidi and Paul).

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Individual Scalloped Potatoes with Ham

19 Dec

So this is another Pioneer Woman recipe. I’ve got a bit of a love/hate relationship with her stuff. It always looks delicious and I really want to like it, but more often than not I end up a little disappointed. And yet, I keep going back for more.

I guess I should clarify my opinion on this recipe a bit. It’s called “scalloped potatoes.” I didn’t really think these tasted like scalloped potatoes at all. They were more like crunchy cheese potatoes. Which isn’t necessarily bad, they were pretty good actually… just not scalloped potatoes.

One thing I would change is the amount of potatoes used. The recipe tells you to cook 8 medium-sized potatoes. That is way too many, especially if you’re using a regular 12 cup muffin tin. I would recommend more like 6 or so. You could also probably cut down on the butter a lot. If I were to make these again I’d just spray the tins with non-stick spray instead of putting a pat of butter in the bottom. That extra butter was a bit much, especially considering there was a pool of melted butter underneath each potato when they came out of the oven. But I guess things like that are to be expected from the Pioneer Woman. I’m pretty sure she’s training to be Paula Deen’s successor.

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Creamy Ham and Rice Soup

16 Dec

It’s a little difficult for two people to make it through a full spiral ham without some help, so I thought I’d use some of the leftovers from last night’s meal for this soup. The great thing about this recipe was that it used up a bunch of other stuff I already had on hand including some half and half, chicken broth (the cycle is broken!), green onions, and carrots.

I’m normally not a huge fan of rice, especially in soup, but this stuff turned out really good. I had Seth get some rice started before I got home from work, so this recipe went together really fast. In fact when I told Seth dinner was ready he said, “Really?” as if he’d expected to wait another half hour or so. Oh, also, the recipe says to use shredded carrots, but I thought that would look gross, so I just thinly sliced mine. They cooked through and worked just fine!

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