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Tuna Melts

24 Jun

I didn’t really have high expectations for a tuna melt. Especially because it looked so… simple. I mean, tuna melts on an English muffin? Big deal. But… these things were awesome! So fast to put together and the flavors were great! I made some of mine with cheddar cheese and some with swiss. Both were delicious. I think these were even better as leftovers (reheated in the oven). I didn’t think they tasted fishy at all, especially considering I used regular canned tuna. Also, the jalapeño was totally kid-safe. I could barely tell it was in there. Give these a shot! They’d be great as a nice lunch or easy dinner!

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Tuna Casserole

21 Apr

This is an old family recipe that still makes the rounds at my house every so often. It’s one of those great comfort food meals that’s super easy to make on those nights I don’t feel like cooking. It’s also very versatile as far as being able to use ingredients I have on hand. This time I used green onions and shredded Monterey jack cheese with spiral noodles instead of regular onions, cheddar, and elbow macaroni. Love this stuff.

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Spicy Tuna Wrap

12 Apr

Looking for a fancy way to eat a can of tuna? Try this! It’s a great recipe for a quick lunch and it’s got a ton of flavor. I highly suggest soy sauce for dunking oh and go for the burrito size tortillas… the 10 inch were just too small to roll up properly. This would also be a good candidate for a camping meal!

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